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Coming soon... A new set of pocket money projects for the eChip such a Dice, Rescue locator and a musical card project using our new product - mChip. Developments with eChip continue with a major product development due Easter 2009. The reworking of some FlowIC projects such as the Sumo-Bot will be available for Easter 2009.



Welcome to

The new 2009 eChip web site. During the next few months new products and projects will be appearing. With a significant new product due after Easter 2009

eChip is a new system for programming PIC’s, which is aimed at students following GCSE and Advanced level Electronics, Systems & Control and the DATA ECT specifications, which supports the systems approach.


eChip is a 'Chip-level' system - the user needs to use a project PCB or one which they have designed and made, into which eChip is fitted to produce a completed product.


  • Have you found teaching building blocks difficult to translate to a PIC without complex programming skills?
  • Have your students found it difficult to change from one system representation to another?


Then eChip is what you need, a PIC programming system that uses circuit building blocks and no programming. eChip is a virtual circuit in a PIC microcontroller. It is the first PIC programming system for Electronics, that uses system diagrams to construct circuits that then are programmed into a PIC ~ NO PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES NEEDED!